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Nothing so uniquely represents Arizona like the Saguaro cactus (pronounced sah-war-o).  Equally as unique as these cacti, is the ability to share this state treasure with family and friends anywhere in the world through the adoptacactus.org program.

Adoptacactus.org was established to help sustain and preserve these statuesque monuments to the Southwest and the protected areas that house them; like Lost Dutchman State Park. At the base of the famed Superstition Mountains, this state park is home to thousands of magnificent cacti and proceeds from this program will directly ensure the park’s sustainability for future generations!

Adopting a Saguaro is easy! Simply choose the type and size of Saguaro you would like to adopt, click “Adopt Me”, fill out the required mailing and payment information, and you will receive an Official Adoptacactus.org Adoption certificate, Picture of your adopted Saguaro with GPS Coordinates, and Thank You letter showing your tax deductible amount from the Friends of Lost Dutchman State Park!

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Please visit our galleries to view the Saguaros that need adoption as well as the stories for those that have already been adopted. Recent adoptions include the Canyon Vistas Hiking Club, Micah and Jennifer Goldberg, Karoline Wolf and Maxine Boyce. Click here to read Maxine’s heartwarming story about why she adopted her Saguaro Cactus.

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Lost Dutchman State Park is a wonderful resource that showcases the beauty of Arizona. With its trails and stunning views, it is something that we should strive to keep open [...]

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